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Tweet History of Handcrafted Beaded Jewelry Article You might feel that the history of handcrafted beaded jewelry cannot possibly be very interesting, but in fact, it is quite intriguing to learn where this part of culture began. Some say that the beginnings of beaded jewelry began more than 70, years ago when man found the beads and gems and thought it was incredibly beautiful. Beaded jewelry has been used in many ways. One way is simply for beauty. Another is for value. Some would trade and buy with beaded jewelry or beads. And some cultures even used them as talisman.

Precious and Semi-Precious Gemstone and Mineral Glossary

Some of the items have added “view” links so you can see more pictures. There is a great deal of ‘s jewelry featured at Enchantment; so, for this page, we have selected only those pieces most definitive of the decade. The first part of the ‘s jewelry styles are still reflective of the ‘s retro jewelry including pieces with Victorian design elements such as bows.

Soon the ‘s developed it’s own definitive styles which include multi strand beaded necklaces with much larger beads than seen in the faux pearls in previous years. Lucite thermoset inserts of the ’40s became the rage along with Confetti Lucite and embedded Lucite jewelry.

Black and Olive Green Crystal Bead Necklace, Sterling Silver, Swarovski Crystal Elegant Choker Necklace, Sparkly Evening Wear Jewelry Elegant beaded choker necklace featuring sparkly Swarovski and Czech crystals in black and olive green aurora.

Over the years, as dealers in glassware, we have taken thousands of pictures of glass vases, bowls, paperweights, sculptures and other glassware. After we have sold an item, it seems a shame to throw those pictures away, so we use them to create an encyclopaedia guide in the galleries shown below. We hope they will enable you discover more about the types of glass products that you are interested in collecting, or help you to identify a glass item you have come across.

Please note, we are well aware that there are some gaps, for instance, we don’t have much on French or American glass, this is simply because, as glass dealers in the UK, we don’t come across that much of it, so we don’t have many pictures with which to create a guide. Our glass encyclopaedia is aimed to be as accurate as possible. However, if you feel we have made a mistake, please contact us. If you cannot find what you are looking for here in our glass identification guide, we strongly recommend visiting www.

Our glass identification guide covers many different types of antique and vintage collectable art glass, ranging from Victorian and Art Deco glass products from British, German, Czech and French manufacturers, to highly collectable retro art glass from Scandinavian countries including Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. And not forgetting of course, the ever popular British glassmakers such as Whitefriars, Dartington, Vasart and Wedgwood. We are constantly improving and extending our glass encyclopaedia and galleries, so please check back frequently.

West Germany Vintage Jewelry

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Streetwise Prague Map – Laminated City Center Street Map of Prague, Czech Republic [Streetwise Maps] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Streetwise Prague Map – Laminated City Center Street Map of Prague, Czech Republic – Folding pocket size travel map with integrated metro map featuring lines & stations – trams.

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Back to Native American Crafts Information Menu Origins Before contact with European civilization, Native Americans on both continents were making beautiful objects decorated with natural materials obtained from their own area or through trade. Trade routes crossed the Americas and extended to the Caribbean Islands, giving access to a variety of material: Lois Sherr Dubin, North American Indian Jewelry and Adornment Beads, painstakingly made from bone and shell, had many uses, including breastplates and wampum.

Garnet jewelry is still found in the Czech Republic, with the stones still arranged in the traditional, tightly joined way. This ensures that the attraction of the classical Garnet pieces is caused only by the beauty of .

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When the country regained its independence after the dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian empire in , the new name of Czechoslovakia was coined to reflect the union of the Czech and Slovak nations within the one country. After Czechoslovakia dissolved in , the Czech part lacked a common English short name. The Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommended the English name Czechia in , and the Czech government approved Czechia as the official short name in Distribution of Celtic peoples, showing expansion of the core territory in the Czech lands , which were inhabited by the Gallic tribe of Boii The core Hallstatt territory before BCE Maximum Celtic expansion by the s BCE Areas that remain Celtic-speaking today Archaeologists have found evidence of prehistoric human settlements in the area, dating back to the Paleolithic era.

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There are composites, such as millefiori beads, where cross-sections of a drawn glass cane are applied to a wound glass core. A very minor industry in blown glass beads also existed in 19th-century Venice and France. Wound glass beads[ edit ] Probably the earliest beads of true glass were made by the winding method. Glass at a temperature high enough to make it workable, or “ductile”, is laid down or wound around a steel wire or mandrel coated in a clay slip called “bead release.

This process is called marvering, originating from the French word “marbrer” which translates to “marble”. It can also be pressed into a mold in its molten state. While still hot, or after re-heating, the surface of the bead may be decorated with fine rods of colored glass called stringers creating a type of lampwork bead.

Drawn glass beads[ edit ] The drawing of glass is also very ancient. Evidence of large-scale drawn-glass beadmaking has been found by archeologists in India, at sites like Arekamedu dating to the 2nd century CE. The small drawn beads made by that industry have been called Indo-Pacific beads, because they may have been the single most widely traded item in history—found from the islands of the Pacific to Great Zimbabwe in southern Africa.

In Arekamedu this was accomplished by inserting a hollow metal tube into the ball of hot glass and pulling the glass strand out around it, to form a continuous glass tube. In the Venetian bead industry, molten glass was gathered on the end of a tool called a puntile “puntying up” , a bubble was incorporated into the center of a gather of molten glass, and a second puntile was attached before stretching the gather with its internal bubble into a long cane.

The drawn tube was then chopped, producing individual drawn beads from its slices.

Czech Beads

Having first identified the makers marks, place of origin and age of your items makes it easier to research them further. Likewise, appraising and evaluating your items by finding similar examples that have actually sold, helps you determine their worth and gives you a better understanding of current market conditions. In turn, this valuable information leads to better decisions when buying or selling and can prevent costly mistakes in paying too much or selling too low.

It also helps in describing or listing your items using the correct terms to attract more buyers. And in the case of family heirlooms, it enables you to delve more deeply into their history. Stemming from decades of personal experience in the field of antiques and by sharing the same concerns as our professional members, we have created convenient online practical research tools to assist you on a day-to-day basis:

Glass Beads. Glass beads have long history, dating back to at least Roman times, significant in archaeology and jewelry making. Our cheap glass beads are rich in colors, shapes, categories and sizes, perfect for parties and to get inspiration for your craft work.

Garnet Meaning, Powers and History The Meaning and History of Garnet Garnet is the birthstone for January and the stone that celebrates the 2nd anniversary of marriage. This reference makes sense as small garnets look like the bright red seeds you find inside in a pomegranate. The garnet has been a popular gem throughout history. Garnets were found as beads in a necklace worn by a young man in a grave that dates back to B. This is proof of the hardness and durability of the stone.

The King of Saxony is said to have had a garnet of over carats. Plato had his portrait engraved on a garnet by a Roman engraver.

Lalique: Fakes, Imitations, Forged Marks

Bringing the past new life and purpose! I consider myself a saver of beautiful items from the past and a repurposer of treasures! Tuesday, November 8, West Germany Costume Jewelry – A History As a collector of vintage jewelry and other pretty girlie things, the s are the era I most connect with. I just love the gloves, the formality, the pumps and the sparkles. Which, for people who know me personally, you’d probably never guess, as I hate wearing heels, pantyhose and makeup But when it comes to vintage fashions I concede and go all out!

Correctly identifying stones used in vintage costume jewelry can help both buyers and sellers research, value, and catalog their collections. Dealers can also market their jewelry more effectively using terms recognized by collectors.

Gather information Try to gather as much information as possible as to where the piece came from. Look for original receipts, fitted cases, letters or notes giving an idea of where it was purchased, when and by whom. Look for marks Check the jewellery to see if it has any marks. Does it have UK hallmarks — stamps that when read together tell you the city, date, precious metal content of the piece? Perhaps it has other marks like letters or stamps.

French marks are a sign that the piece is good quality as some of the best period jewellery was made in France. The difference in value is huge. A cultured pearl necklace is worth a few hundred pounds at auction; its natural counterpart comes in at several thousand pounds. Know your gems Check out colourless gems.

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AB Finish This iridescent finish used on glass and plastic beads is named after the colorful lights seen in northern skies, the aurora borealis, or AB for short. The finish is also called rainbow. AB beads may be any color and are usually monochromatic and transparent, but they may also be matte or even pearlized, as well as striped or silver-lined. Beads are given an AB finish by passing them through vaporized metal ions. This process leaves a thin deposit on their surface of tiny metallic particles, which break up light waves into the colors of the spectrum, much as water droplets refract sunlight to create a rainbow.

The Bohemian Crown Jewels Prague Castle, as well as its protected area which also includes archaeological findings, are No. 1 recognized parts of the Czech cultural heritage. The Crown Jewels are permanently safely kept at Prague Castle and may be displayed exclusively in its area.

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the Czech Republic and the Czech people