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Thank you to t he following for allowing me to reproduce their photographs , other images and in some cases, their poetry.: Dagmawi is attempting to ascertain which John Horsburgh is the subject of this painting and which Edith M Horsburgh is the artist. David has asked a few questions about these photos. Steve Aitken, Glasgow, Scotland – now moved to Blackburn, Lancashire, England – – for permission to reproduce a photograph of the back of a Parisian Photo Co cabinet print, and other photos from his family album. Bill Aldred, Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland, for allowing me to reproduce a photograph of the Bruce Peebles workforce, taken in John Alexander for allowing me to reproduce photos of his group, Plastic Meringue, that played in Casablanca Discotheque, Edinburgh, in the late s. Kerry Alexander, Gracemount, Edinburgh, for allowing me to reproduce some of her family photos. The family used to live in Dumbiedykes. John Alsop for allowing me to include some Edinburgh railway photographs from his collection on this web site. Thank you also to Nick Catford, Kent, England, for drawing my attention to these photos.

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July 1st 3. Not only does it feature an overwhelming number of superheroes but it’s the culmination of two previous Avengers movies where fans have been on the edge of their seats about Thanos gathering a bunch of stones to obliterate the universe. Peter Quill aka Star-Lord finds out that Thanos killed his girl Gamora and instead of helping his superhero friends get the bracelet, he attacks the supervillain himself and Thanos manages to get the Time Stone.

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Winner, age category ‘Where art thou, Lady Guinevere? I sighed nervously, ragged breaths following, my second week of high school about to implode! As I turned, I saw Peter, missing his old knight costume, but beautifully improvised with a paper crown and branch sword. He was surrounded by a group of smirking teens, shooting names and sarcastic arrows. He was too absorbed, possessed by his latest role.

My lady, I have returned! Maybe it was the way his room was full of astronaut gear. Maybe it was the way he spoke about space, a knowing far-off glimmer in his eye. My cereal boxes and three inches of Sellotape security never quite matched up!

Results for the 3,094 runners in the Cheltenham Half Marathon

Rumors started circulating recently that the couple had reconciled, and luckily, it turns out the two are back on. People Magazine is confirming reports that the Captain America star and comedienne have decided to give their relationship another try after the two had dinner together in Atlanta while Evans filmed the new Avengers movie. He brings it everywhere. Today, Dodger decided to join in.

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Early life[ edit ] Evans was born in Warrington , England, [1] the youngest child of bookmaker and health authority wages clerk [6] Martin Joseph Evans — , [7] [8] and Minnie Beardsall, who managed a corner shop. His siblings are brother David born and sister Diane born After the death of his father, the year-old Evans took part-time work at an outlet of T.

McLoughlin’s newsagent— tobacconist in Woolston , and ran an alternative tuck-shop at Padgate High School , which was a comprehensive school he attended for the final three years of his secondary education. Evans switched to a full-time position at the station in , his new role including being driven around the Manchester area in the radio car to turn up at listeners’ houses. In addition he was producer to presenter James H.

Following this he presented a weekday graveyard slot with competitions and segments where listeners had opportunities to sell their belongings on air. Three months later, he started presenting The Greenhouse, a Monday to Thursday evening show; he remained on this slot until the end of His show, Too Much Gravy, was broadcast from His move to Radio 1 was short-lived but seen as a huge success, with controller Johnny Beerling later admitting he wished he’d offered Evans a full-time show there and then.

At the time, however, Evans objected that Radio 1 had attempted to constrain his style, preventing him from using the ” zoo ” format, allegedly because Steve Wright was already doing that on the station. The Big Breakfast Evans’ departure from radio was in part so he could devote his time to the new Channel 4 breakfast television show, The Big Breakfast , from 28 September

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WENN Celebrities are a fickle bunch, especially when it comes to their personal lives. In fact, many of them have past relationships that few of us even know about. Another example of a shocking celebrity couple: Amy Poehler and John Stamos: He did a little bit in a movie that I did and a bunch of us hung out.

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July 1, at 7: Kate Bosworth Evans has had a few relationships whispered about, but never confirmed. The first of them is with Kate Bosworth, who he met when they filmed the drama movie, The Newcomers. They were linked romantically, but that was all there was to it before the rumors fizzled out. Jessica Biel This was one of his legit romances. Biel had played his on-screen love interest in Cellular and London. But just like their characters in London, the couple parted ways after five years of dating.

Biel has since moved on. Emmy Rossum Evans first met the Shameless star in and the two were romantically linked. Christina Ricci This was one blink-and-you-miss-it relationship!

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Longstanding stalwarts like Robert Downey Jr. But, this begs the question: Who will pick up the shield and carry on the Cap mantle? Well, during and interview with Larry King Live , Frank Grillo, the actor behind the MCU version of Crossbones, offered up what little info he is aware of at the moment.

In the second of three special features marking the University of Worcester graduation ceremonies, which continue today and tomorrow, we list the.

December 10, For more information contact Ron Keefover Education-Information Officer Breaking from a longtime tradition, the Supreme Court Nominating Commission announced today that interviews of prospective nominees for vacancies on the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court will be open to the public, beginning with the next round of appellate court interviews February , The Commission will convene then to interview applicants for a vacancy on the Court of Appeals created by the appointment of Judge Nancy L.

Judge Caplinger is to be sworn in to the Supreme Court on January 7. The names of those applying for vacancies on the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals have been made public since Commission Chair Anne E. Burke, Overland Park, said the move to open the interviews is designed to instill further confidence in the manner in which the appellate court judges and justices are nominated.

Kansas adopted the merit selection method of choosing Supreme Court justices in Applicants for the positions are required to submit a comprehensive application packet that includes an agreement for a background and credit investigation, names of persons who have served as adversaries in court proceedings, writing samples and similar information touching on their qualifications to be on the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals. Following extensive background checks and personal interviews, the Commission submits the names of three persons to the governor for appointment.

They stand for retention at the next general election following a full year on the bench.

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Jun 13, Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts, USA A handsome young actor whose breakout role as a popular jock in Not Another Teen Movie found him in high demand, Chris Evans born June 13th, followed with a role in the moderately successful comedy The Perfect Score before truly coming into his own before the cameras. Born in Sudbury, MA, Evans spent the majority of his childhood in Boston before his love of acting brought him to New York City the summer after his junior year of high school.

It was during this time that the aspiring actor alternated between an internship at a casting office and summer acting classes. With a little help from a contact he made that summer, Evans began auditioning shortly after graduating from high school. A supporting role in the short-lived television series Opposite Sex gave the up-and-comer his first break on the small screen, and a supporting role in the feature The Newcomers preceded an appearance in the popular prime-time drama Boston Public.

At this point it appeared as if everything was going smoothly for Evans, but his career would soon shift gears and kick into overdrive thanks to a featured role in the teen comedy parody Not Another Teen Movie. Cast as the popular jock who transforms an ugly duckling into a popular princess, Evans ran with the role and proved a more than capable comic talent. If audiences had wondered where Evans had disappeared to in the following few years, their curiosities were answered when the young actor took a leading role in the moderately successful comedy The Perfect Score.

Though to many it may have seemed that Evans career had stalled somewhat, a role as an unsuspecting young man who receives a desperate phone call from a kidnapping victim in the thriller Cellular offered some relief from the seeming drought of choice roles. A subsequent role in the same year’s The Orphan King served as a strong follow-up before hearty roles in such releases as Fierce People and The Fantastic Four found him leaning ever closer to becoming a true marquee draw.

The role of Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four would be somewhat telling of what was in store for the actor — though not for a few more years.

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She appears in episode 8 of the first series of EastEnders spin-off EastEnders: E20 , credited only as Mrs Olubunmi and played by Jay Byrd. New executive producer Bryan Kirkwood introduced the character to EastEnders in his first episode on 4 June , this time played by Ellen Thomas.

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A lot swing “both ways” because it is accepted. It is so many I have a website link: The following may or may not be true, and is based on hearsay, rumor, and gossip–most of it from relatively reliable sources, some from more dubious ones, and some based on my own suppositions. I have not put anything here that I know to be untrue. Proceed at your own risk. FOD means “Friend of Dorothy,” a. Recent updates, additions and corrections since Version 4.

With thanks to the folks on alt. Thanks to John Lithgow for mentioning the site on Conan O’Brian’s show; to reward him I made up something about him for his entry. Thanks to Maxim magazine for rewarding my efforts with a Site of the Week award. Thanks to the Star for the interview. Very charming in person, or so I’m told. Prefers the company of gentlemen.

Results for the 3,094 runners in the Cheltenham Half Marathon

About Pennsylvania Public Record Searches In , Pennsylvania’s right to know law was adopted by the state legislature. The name of this law reveals its purpose, which is to mandate transparency in Pennsylvania government. In Pennsylvania, as in many other states, the law is also referred to as The Sunshine Law and defines what information is available and sets parameters for requests and maintenance of information.

CAPTAIN AMERICA and Marvel fans are lobbying Disney on Twitter to give Chris Evans’ character a boyfriend, with Sebastian Stan’s Bucky the hot favourite.

I saw Evans in a few of those Marvel movies, where he plays Captain America, and I enjoyed those films and his role. According to this one article, Evans not only criticizes Trump, but he also insults people who voted for Trump. Celebrities need to stop doing this — some of the very people these movie actors mock or insult in interviews are some of the same people who support them, by paying for tickets to see their movies.

There is no gratitude to the public from these liberal entertainment jerks. Marvel Abandons Fan Base: Evans has expressed deep contempt for what he considers to be in the ignorant masses of Americans that voted Donald Trump into the White House. In large part, the bizarre rants the Marvel folks carry out on Twitter and elsewhere are abortion driven. Spitting in the face of their conservative fan base that is overwhelmingly pro-life, Whedon and Evans, along with other Marvel stars such as Scarlett Johansson Black Widow and Mark Ruffalo Hulk , fawn over Planned Parenthood while painting abortion foes as backward and unenlightened.

Un-American anti-heroes are not what patriots pay to see. And as Breitbart noted:

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