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The introduction date of Bed Rock planes is a little uncertain. They first appeared in Stanley catalogs in , but there is some evidence they may have begun manufacture as early as

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Many scientists rely on the assumption that radioactive elements decay at constant, undisturbed rates and therefore can be used as reliable clocks to measure the ages of rocks and artifacts. Most estimates of the age of the earth are founded on this assumption. However, new observations have found that those nuclear decay rates actually fluctuate based on solar activity.

The vendor had a sticker on it mentioning the date of A cursory look over, the frog surface, the dates of patents on it, no frog screw adj, low knob etc, all pointed toward the same vintage, so I did not questioned it, I just quickly look up where falls in the Type study: Type 9 and proclaimed it earlier in a previous post. Now lets see if the seller and I still agree when looking closer. Mine is corrugated so it cannot be before The vast majority of Type category pretty well all start with a sentence like: All the features of the previous, except: That means we have to look back in order to see what else to look for.

I first quickly look for a major feature changes like the Frog screw adjustment Type 10 , First lateral lever Type 5 , Height of front knob, Frog receiver changes etc. In our case, we see that the first lateral lever came up at Type 5 That would be with the one piece lateral adjuster tip What we have is the two pieces lateral adjuster, the one with the rotating disk at the end That started at Type 6 It also had 3 patent dates on it:

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I was at the local toolswap trying not to come home with much. Before I pick up on that, let me cover some early conclusions about my material choice. The simple statement is: I originally glossed over the vice-like item on the left. At the time I though it was a small auxiliary vise for joinery or a small tail vise. The stock was slightly more challenging to get jointed than that for the front slab.

Hi everyone, I picked up a block plane at the thrift store that is a Sargent as best as I can tell. I was trying to get a little more information on the date of manufacture, but the information I have come across is incomplete or unclear.

Second, they feel great in your hand, though some may prefer the closed handle, others may feel the open handle has more space for large hands. Third, they have a nice weight – heavy enough so they get some inertia going, but not so heavy that they are tiring to use, at least the smoothers. Fourth, in terms of performance, they work really well.

I don’t have bedrocks, so I can’t compare, but from what I have read, a well tuned Lee Valley, Lie Nielson, Stanley Bedrock, or Clifton with a sharp blade will perform as well as an infill with a sharp blade, but that as the blade edge looses its sharpness, the infill’s performance will stay quite high while the others will start to decline quicker. There are a number of conflicting theories to justify the performance: Typically, an infill is equipped with a parallel or gauged iron that is many times thicker than a Stanley, and the cap iron likewise is much thicker than the stock Stanley leading to less chatter.

Stanley blades that I have tend to run about. I just checked one Stanley chipbreaker and it was. The standard parallel iron on a Norris is about. Others suggest that the combination of wood and steel in the plane resists vibration much better than a plane made out of either one, allowing it to take chatter free cuts. The bedding angle for a Stanley is normally 45 degrees.

While the Norris angle may not be as consistent from plane to plane as a steel body, using a Wixey digital angle box placed against the blade, I measured a Stanley at Don’t forget, they look cool.

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Tuesday, March 7, Sash planes and window making Lately I came across two such planes, used to make the sash bars on a classic 3X2 single or double hung windows. There are a few specialised planes to make windows, the ones I found are called Adjustable Sash planes an American invention I believed , since the space between the decorative cut and the glass rabbet is variable, adjusted by screwing or unscrewing the two part of the body apart.

My two new acquisition for my herd Window sash making, the making of the glass window frame, was a specialized trade at one time. It demand an attention to details, the ability to craft good work precisely and specialised tools. Traditionally, before the window maker became a trade, such work was reserved for their best housewright Finish carpenter, joiners Some of the tools of the trade: From Top L-R CW Sash Scribing plane it really is a table top plane but posing as Recessed screw adjustable Sash plane with appropriate screwdriver Wood screw Adjustable Sash plane Reverse Ovolo moulding plane Stanley No 45 Combination plane could cut the rabbet and the decorative cut ovolo etc Two sash mortise chisel besides a typical English regular Pigsticker chisel for comparison Typical joiner mallet Sash Backsaw Missing are the templets, the Sash gouge and the sticking board.

The windows frames themselves were not that difficult to make, but you have to ensure a square rigid assembly using solid joinery, no glue. The glue available in those days would be quickly rendered useless outside in the elements. Mortise and tenon drawbored or dovetailed often pinned would be the joinery of choices for the window sashes.

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The description of each tool includes a grade of its condition and any flaws that are apparent. Their stock changes frequently and contains bevels and planes. Patented Antiques Patented-Antiques sells many types of antique tools, including those by Stanley.

Bedrock incision and strath terrace formation in a forested catchment races using radiocarbon dating, and we propose a mechanism of rapid strath planation and how it may, by adjusting channel morphology, inter- spacing, fractures, and bedding planes (Whipple et al., ). Physical and chemical weather-ing can greatly enhance erosional.

Well, he looks at things a little differently than most — perhaps because as a multiple-patent holder in DSP, you have to think new and innovative thoughts. Regardless, he sent me a note about Earthquakes. And since Elaine still remembers the Tehachapi earthquake, a bit of a heads up is in order: The main shock occurred at 4: A small sector of damage near Bealville corresponded to a maximum Mercalli intensity of XI Extreme , though this intensity rating was not representative of the majority of damage.

The earthquake occurred on the White Wolf Fault near the community of Wheeler Ridge and was the strongest to occur in California since the San Francisco earthquake. According to the experts the Big One is long overdue. Try to prepare as best as you can because it is a known threat as was the case in Puerto Rico.

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Three hand saws inc. Three Disston hand saws inc. Two Keen Kutter saws: Needs a light cleaning, good etch.

Planes has a lot of information on how to Tune Up and Refinish your old Hand Plane.. Tutorials on how to make it work better than when it was new.. The content is the methods of refinishing I use when I was refinishing planes a pay for service.

April 12, 7 Comments Stanley Bed Rock no. However, given their genius at marketing and creating demand, I suspect it was driven by a couple of different factors. In , Justice Traut patented what would become the basic Bed Rock design. That same year, E. Schade patented the frog adjustment feature that would initially be used on the Bed Rock planes, and eventually would become a mainstay feature of the Bailey line of planes.

Traut Patent , , Apr 2, E. Schade Patent , , Sept. They first appeared in Stanley catalogs in , but there is some evidence they may have begun manufacture as early as Apparently there was a dispute over the Schade patent, because those sold for the first year or two have the Sept. By , the milled out date was gone and just the single APR 2, 95 date from the Traut patent remained stamped into plane bodies until about , when Stanley introduced a major design change.

There were two primary differences between the Bailey line and the Bed Rocks, and both were in the frog design. The mating surfaces of both plane body and frog was substantially larger than on the Bailey planes, and the frog on the Bed Rock fit into a groove on the body, eliminating any slop or shifting of the frog once in place.

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The following history is excerpted from a Tool Talks publication by Stanley Tool: The manufacture of “Bailey” Planes by Stanley marked a turning point in the Company’s history. Stanley’s dominant position was recognized by carpenters and mechanics everywhere who turned over their problems and suggestions to the Company.

Types of Hand Planes. Depending on their size, most planes are categorized as either bench planes or block planes. Bench planes are characterized by the plane .

The instructions come with the the plane and in 5 languages. There are some dating notes on Woden block planes at the end and more detailed information is Other pointers include plane packaging, instructions and tool dealer prices, if marked. Limited quantity However, the cutters can be used in later types and adjusted manually. This plane was a popular choice for manual training due to is smaller size.

The cam, slitter, screwdriver, original instructions are all included. The tongue cutter for the 45 has an adjustable piece that covers the center tongue of the cutter. Check Out More Details. Check out the world’s first ever vertical takeoff plane! Secondly, although the Sargent was a cosmetic copy of the Stanley 45, An accurate date is not that critical, unless you are interested in the planes value.

The Stanley 55 A reprint of the Stanley 55 manual is available here: In the original box which is nice, with instructions, Fine. The Handplane Book was originally published in hardcover.

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