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This website will take travelers through different experiences in the Province of Cavite in terms of food, culture, history, scenic landscapes and much more activities. Here are the lists of towns and cities that you can explore in Cavite. All these and more can be found when you visit the www. Visitors looking to taste the local brew can check out Cafe Belardo and Cafe Amadeo, the two main coffee retailers in town. A must-try is Pahimis blend, a combination of four varieties of locally grown coffee beans.

She remembers smelling the stench from outside the house. Ana, whose real name shall not be disclosed for security reasons, remembers that day of February 2 this year when she went to her niece Christy Saromo’s house in Barangay Tramo, Binakayan in Kawit, Cavite.

More Fascinating Pinoy Facts 6. Douglas MacArthur and Dimples Cooper. Douglas MacArthur in or Source: He soon met his paramour, a budding Filipina actress named Isabel Rosario Cooper. Dimples lived a life of luxury, although everything was kept in secret. Since she was not expected to go out, Dimples spent most of her time inside the apartment with only a pet poodle as her companion. The boredom soon took its toll on Dimples so she began travelling around the city in style and had affairs with several prominent men.

Or so the story goes. He also gave his mistress tickets that would bring her back to Manila. But instead of returning to her home country, Dimples moved to the Midwest to start a hairdressing shop. Disappointed by how her life and career turned out, the middle-aged Dimples Cooper committed suicide with an overdose of barbiturates in Flaviano Yengko and his lady love. Alejandrino details how he met Yengko in Cavite in He went on to perform his first task of delivering bags of gunpowder from Manila to Cavite.

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Fare is Php Php40 per person. If the bus will take Cavitex route from Baclaran, you can avoid the congested traffic in Aguinaldo Highway and it would only take you around 1 hour to your destination. It is a well-known destination so there should be no challenge in finding the place. From the highway, walk approximately meters to reach Watercamp Resort. It is inside a big subdivision.

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Our adventure today takes us about 55 kilometers south of kilometer 0 in Manila. Tagaytay City is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the province of Cavite. Taal Volcano as seen from Tagaytay City Known as “The Country’s Second Summer Capital”, Tagaytay City’s proximity to Manila makes it a frequent destination for those who are on a budget adventure or those who are just escaping the city life. Tagaytay City’s unique blend of beautiful scenery and semi-temperate climate makes tourists and adventurers come back for more.

My friends and my old ride Since my wife and I live near Tagaytay City, we have the convenience of going there anytime we want to. I, for one have been there plenty of times and experienced a lot of memorable things there. The most unforgettable one that I have was when I experienced zero visibility when I drove through a very thick mist that blanketed the city during one of my road trips.

Because my car then was a lowered version of a Mazda Astina, the right side fell on a meter deep gutter which momentarily trapped the car. Lucky for me there was only a few cars and buses on the street that day. My wife and I with our new ride Tagaytay City would always have a place in my heart and travel list because that is the only place that I would want to go to when I’m stressed and I’m at my lowest point.

The picturesque view of Taal Lake from Tagaytay Well at least when I visit Tagaytay City now, I won’t mind going into a thick mist or falling into a meter-deep gutter because my new ride would probably handle all of those. Except a cliff plunge of course. There are buses Crow buses bound directly to Tagaytay City from Manila. Another place to find Tagaytay bound buses are in the Coastal Mall terminal.

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October 14, at One of the provisions it should contain are the qualifications and numbers that will comprise the Board See Section 11, RA However, Section 60 of Resolution provides specific qualifications of a director and officers of the HOA. Moreover, he or she must be an actual resident of the subdivision, housing or relocation project for at least six 6 months as certified by the Association secretary or in default thereof, by a member having personal knowledge thereof; and has not been convicted by final judgment of an offense involving moral turpitude.

These are the qualifications listed in Section 60, Resolution Now, if your By Law does not contain such qualification then the Board of Directors have the power to determine the qualifications of the members of the Board.

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A three-hour drive from Manila passing Cavitex Cavite Express. I was told that there was no such pristine white sand beach here, but when we saw pictures of Katungkulan Beach Resort, we found a place to go. Good for my hubby, he could relax for he is out to drive our van for the day. We passed towns of Kawit, Tanza and Naic. From the town of Ternate, it took us thirty minutes more passing the scenic view of green scenery and hilly mountains, Pico de Loro and Puerto Azul. Quite amazed of this little creature.

They both cracked a joke and surprisingly, they excluded me from paying my share and even parking fee was free! I thank them gladly for their kindness. It was two kilometers more reaching the resort. Seeing a training camp in Katungkulan Beach Resort, their quarters, their uniforms, the trainees and the marines in person sent my spine a feeling of heroism, indeed it was an unusual experience.

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Lancaster New City May Forever: Kasalang Bayan 7: Being single myself, I got teary eyed every time I attend a wedding, why?

Carmona, Cavite’s wiki: Carmona (Filipino: Bayan ng Carmona) is a first class urban municipality in the province of Cavite, Philippines. According to the census, it has a population of 97, people. [8] Geography Carmona is located on the.

Ancient history[ edit ] The Pangasinan people, like most of the people in the Malay Archipelago , are descendants of the Austronesian-speakers who settled in Southeast Asia since prehistoric times. Comparative genetics, linguistics and archaeological studies locate the origin of the Austronesian languages in Sundaland , which was populated as early as 50, years ago by modern humans. Southeast Asian maritime trade network[ edit ] A vast maritime trade network connected the distant Austronesian settlements in Southeast Asia , the Pacific and the Indian Ocean.

The Pangasinan people were part of this ancient Austronesian civilization. The ancient Austronesian-speakers were expert navigators. Their outrigger canoes and sailboats were capable of crossing the distant seas. The Malagasy sailed from the Malay archipelago to Madagascar , an island across the Indian Ocean, and probably reached Africa.

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Discover Corregidor Island in Cavite City, Philippines: The ruins on a deserted tropical island in the Philippines bear the scars of WWII.

Just a quick drive or ride from Metro Manila is Lido Beach in Cavite City, whose popularity in the ’50s and ’60s can be likened to that of Boracay today. The Lido Beach resort, started and owned by Celedonio Santamaria, became a popular destination when Manila Bay was still relatively safe and clean to swim in. Families and friends would flock to Lido Beach, stay a few hours to enjoy the gray-sand beach, and travel back to Metro Manila the same day.

It’s a quick to minute ride or drive from Roxas Blvd. Back then, most Filipinos still couldn’t afford to travel to white-sand beaches in the Visayas and Mindanao. Air transport was generally still a Philippine Airlines PAL monopoly, and budget airlines and piso fares were unheard of. Many got to Lido Beach by taking a mini-bus from Roxas Blvd. Benedicta Laurente, a resort staff since , shared that guests would come even on weekdays, and that the beach would be full of people on Sundays.

Guests would have picnics in huts or on the beach or buy food at the resort. Makikita mo mga tao naliligo dyan at ang makikita mo lang ay mga ulo nila.

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